Our Youth Group meets Sunday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. During this time we will spend time with one another in conversation and fellowship, often completing a lesson before playing games and of course, laughing. Our aim is relationship building in a safe space with people the youth can comfortably share their questions, concerns and faith based inquiries.


Freshman and older individuals are asked to look deeper at the ideologies of Methodist denomination, their relationship with Christ and their own beliefs in regards to their faith. While meeting with their peers youth are encourage to dig deep and examine the type of person they would like to be and how following Jesus can help in this endeavor.


Confirmation Sunday

Confirmation Sunday will be held on Sunday, May 7th during worship. This day is an opportunity for the Confirmands to show the congregation who they are and where they have been on their faith journey. Please join us for this celebration, which is a culmination of 9 months of prayer and discovery for our church’s young people!

The Confirmation Class had an incredible day walking in the Purple Stride to Wage Hope for those fighting Pancreatic Cancer! The team raised over $4,000, one thousand over their original goal! Thank you to everyone for your prayers and monetary donations! We are very blessed to have the support of such a wonderful congregation!