The Spirit Filled Book Group has selected the following books for the Spring session:

February 4th - Peace with Trees: A Memoir by Susannah Pitman - One moment, life was sunny and carefree. The next, it was stormy and chaotic. That’s how it felt to twenty-year-old Susannah as she stood on the front porch of her childhood home and witnessed a tree fall on her father during a fast-moving thunderstorm. As she grieved his passing, post-traumatic stress disorder quickly set in and took over all aspects of her life. The plans she had made for her future after college changed. Peace with Trees is her story of how she learned to live peacefully with PTSD while discovering a new purpose and career path as an acupuncturist is sure to inspire anyone who has ever experienced unimaginable trauma.

The morning group will meet at 9:30 and the evening group will meet at 7:00 pm. For more information contact the church office.

March 4th - Sensible Shoes: A Story about the Spiritual Journey by Sharon Garlough Brown tells the moving story of four strangers as they embark together on a journey of spiritual formation. These four women, each with their unique individual struggles reluctantly arrive at a retreat center and find themselves drawn out of their separate stories of isolation and struggle and into a collective journey of spiritual practice, mutual support and personal revelation. Along the way, readers will be taken into a new understanding of key spiritual practices and find tangible support for the deeper life with God.

April 1st - The Plot to Kill Hitler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Spy, Unlikely Hero by Patricia McCormick – On April 5, 1943 the Gestapo arrived at his home and told Dietrich Bonhoeffer to come with them. He had put his papers in order, leaving behind proof that this quiet young minister, one of the first people to provide evidence to the Allies that Jews were being deported to death camps, was part of a conspiracy to kill Adolf Hitler. This compelling account takes readers from his privileged early childhood to the studies and travel that would introduce him to peace activists around the world—eventually putting this gentle, scholarly pacifist on a deadly course to assassinate one of the most ruthless dictators in history. The book provides insights into what makes someone stand up for what’s right when no one else is standing with you, a question that every generation must answer again and again.

May 6th - The Hundred Story Home: A Memoir of Finding Faith in Ourselves and Something Bigger by Kathy Izard - Kathy Izard was a graphic designer, wife, mother of four daughters, and volunteer at Charlotte’s Urban Ministry Center when an unlikely meeting with formerly homeless author Denver Moore changed the course of her life. Inspired by Denver’s challenge to do more than serve in this soup kitchen, Kathy quit her job to take on what seemed like an unimaginable task in her second half of life—to build housing for Charlotte’s homeless. Woven together in this motivational story of a call to social action is Kathy’s personal journey to define the meaning of home and her own struggle with faith, family, and fulfillment.

June 3rd - A Bigger Table: Building a Messy Authentic, Hopeful Spiritual Community by John Pavlovitz - No one likes to eat alone; to approach a table filled with people, only to be told that despite the open chairs there isn't room for you. The rejection stings. It leaves a mark. Yet this is exactly what the church has been saying to far too many people for far too long. How can we extend unconditional welcome and acceptance in a world increasingly marked by bigotry, fear, and exclusion? Pastor Pavlovitz invites readers to join him on the journey to find--or build--a church that is big enough for everyone. The author shares moving personal stories and his careful observations as a pastor to set the table for a new, more loving conversation on these and other important matters of faith. He invites us to build the bigger table Jesus imagined, practicing radical hospitality, total authenticity, messy diversity, and agenda-free community.