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APRIL 2019

Our next Run is Wed April 17 into NYC and will be manned by our awesome Confirmation Class! Help out our kids to serve the poor and homeless by volunteering to make some bagged meals. We need 75 (instructions at coffee hour and on our “DCC Fellowship” FB Group). We are also accepting: $ donations to purchase supplies, travel size deodorants and razors, and a volunteer to help haul supplies that evening down to Summit, NJ. See Ted Dengler at Fellowship Hour to sign up!


Bridges Run Christmas and more

AUTUMN RUN: Our Halloween Bridges Run was a great success THANKS TO YOU! I forgot the group photo (the Panda was not tech saavy), but thanks to our Street Crew: Veronica Dengler, Claire Pharoh, Mary Johnson, and YoungKwang Jun, with Joanne Woodyard Attanasio in reserve and Frank Leone load-ing and providing transport. A dozen DCC families created bagged meals and others donated supplies and cash. The Church came together at Coffee Fellowship to prepare many of the items. We handed out toiletry and first aid bags, hat/glove bags, hand warmers, rain ponchos, wool socks, shopping bags, paperback books, hot cocoa and soup, and tootsie pops with a scripture reading. We served over 50 poor and homeless who were very happy and surprised with DCC's outpouring of care (DCC "takes the

Run to another level" as Bridges told us). I spoke to one client who was so happy to receive multiple lunches so she could eat that weekend.

FALL BOOT DRIVE: ended Christmas Eve with donations of used or new practical or walking boots, and donations to purchase. We are also accepting MEN's winter coats. Thanks to you we have already delivered 35 pairs of boots for clients in Newark, Irvington, New York City, and those clients that come to the Summit office. Some of those we are helping have just got back on their feet thanks to Bridge's Project Connect and are now in public housing and/or working or in job training, if not elderly or disabled.

SPRING RUN: we will need bagged meals, reusable shopping or tote bags (used or new), small deodorants, disposable razors. Our Confirmation Class is staffing this Run.

Thank you for all your support in 2018!


December 26th 4:30pm into NYC. Needs:

  • 4-6 volunteers
  • 1 supply driver to Summit
  • Bagged meals - donations or cash to buy
  • Handwarmers (pairs)
  • pocket ponchos
  • small deoderants, razors, wook socks, pocket wipes, scarves, pens


Bridges Newark/Irvington/Summit locations are depleted in most sizes and cold/wet weather is here! Donate an old pair or $20 will buy a pair.


HALLOWEEN BRIDGES RUN: Wed Oct 31 outside NY Penn Station. Lunches, volunteers (costumes welcomed), and $ to purchase supplies are needed. Signups at coffee hour. Please put "Bridges" on your giving envelope and check.

ANNUAL BOOT DRIVE KICK-OF: As the weather gets cold and wet, many of our homeless and poor have inadequate and crumbling footwear. You can help by donating a pair of practical (no fashion) boots. Used pairs that do not have holes in them are FINE! Cash donations help us purchase boots for ~$20 pair. Please put "Bridges" on your giving envelope and check. DCC is the ONLY Bridges sponsor that does this and they much appreciate it!


Thank you parishioners for your donations, prayers, and participation in the planning and execution of two very successful Bridges Runs this year. As you may know, we got “stormed out” of three Runs in February and March due to the weather. Even Bridges cancelled two of these Runs it was so treacherous.

May Run
We kicked off the season with the largest, most complex Run I’ve been involved with. This is Bridges’ original Manhattan Friday Night 2-stop Run (they have never missed a Friday night Run since inception). Fifteen of us returned to Chinatown for the first stop, which we used to visit back in the ‘00s. This was a mostly working poor Chinese community with grandparents and young children on line (parents and older siblings were working). This created an interesting work around due to the

language barrier (great job Kim and Bob Urbanik on underwear, and Doug and Chris Gabel on t-shirts). We also distributed soup, lemonade, toiletry kits, wet wipes, rain ponchos, socks, notepads and pens, fresh fruit, bagged meals, and durable reusable bags to carry everything – thanks to your generosity of giving!

Our second stop for the night was near the Staten Island Ferry port, where we served a mostly homeless population. Also joining us for this Run were Jason and Marissa Gabel, her boyfriend Frank, Lynn and Josh Rand, Kim and Zach Karpack, Mark Urbanik, Emma Worrall, and “special guest star” volunteer, Segewa Ephraim of Uganda, whose work with orphans and building schools in his country has been supported by our Church through Heart for People. (It was quite awkward telling one of my personal heroes to “hand out these socks”). Altogether we served nearly 150 people that night.

July Run
Our Church answered the call from Bridges to fill a Wednesday night July Run outside Madison Square Garden that no group signed up to staff (our specialty in this Church!). We were joined by Pastor Heather, Veronica Dengler, Joanne Attanasio, Amy Plumb, and Sue Lovenberg, with some help from a couple of Bridges’ Core Volunteers. Because of your last minute efforts, we were able to provide comfort and relief to 60 of our homeless and poor brothers and sisters. We showed DCC cares via direct contact, conversation, bagged meals, water, toiletry kits, hygiene supplies, socks, underwear, wet wipes, durable bags, notepads and pens, soup, and lemonade. Thanks to Christian Hansen for coordinating a donation of rain ponchos, sunscreen, sunglasses, and other items from Home Depot in Wharton. This ministry is a true team church-wide effort and YOU are the reason DCC is Bridges' #1 run volunteer crew! Our next Runs are Wednesday night, Oct. 31 and Dec. 26. If you have never been on a Run, I will guarantee you a spot! We will need bagged meals, too. And don’t forget about our Fall Boot Drive coming up soon! Usable pairs are welcomed, and we hope to clean out the shelves at WalMart again with your generosity.
-Ted Dengler

"... But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. And you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you, for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.’ Jesus from "Luke 14:12-14

MAY 2018

The Church's Bridges ministry is dedicated to supplying basic needs to our brothers and sisters living on the streets, working poor, and impoverished including elderly and disabled. We do this by staffing, supplying, and donating to Bridges Outreach, Inc of Summit, a long-established non-profit with the highest charity rating available.

Our Next Run: Our three attempts this Winter to go on a scheduled Run were thwarted by Mother Nature. Even Bridges cancelled two of them (and they rarely if ever cancel). Our next "Run" to serve the poor and homeless is Friday evening, May 25 (Memorial Day Weekend) into NYC. We will be serving behind tables in two locations, and interacting with the Bridges clients. I guarantee no snow!

For this Run, we are in urgent need of:

  • 300 bagged lunches (see instructions below)
  • travel or full size deodorants (dollar store is a good source)
  • cash donations to purchase socks, underwear, t-shirts, and rain ponchos
  • used or new reusable grocery / shopping bags (small to medium size that can be stuffed into a pack when not used are best
  • we will distribute 150-300 of nearly anything if you have it (call Ted to inquire)

We have a full slate (with overflow) of volunteers for the Run. See us at coffee hour. THANK YOU in advance!

Our next scheduled Runs are Wed Oct 31, and Wed Dec. 26th. We will bring some holiday cheer to those in need.

Clothing Donations: many of you have been generous with donating clothing for Bridges. Sadly, DCC does not have the room to store them for the 3-5 months between Runs. You can drop clothing donations off at Bridges Summit HQ Tuesdays or Fridays, or bring them to the Ministry on the day of our Run only. Walking shoes and boots are particularly welcomed.



1. In a bag of any kind (used plastic bags are fine, and they keep things dry):

  • fruit cup or piece of fruit
  • 6-8 oz. wather
  • snack bar
  • napkin
  • optional: mayo/mustard packets; candy, scripture note, etc.

2. In plastic wrap, foil, or sandwich bag (kept separate from the above bag):

  • Meat & Cheese Sandwich. (turkey or chicken is always good)
  • no PB&J, mayo, mustard, or tomato, please.


Wednesday, February 7th leaving @ 5 PM!

Wednesday, March 7th will be the Confirmation Class Service Trip!

Please contact Janice if you can help our Confirmands by making lunches!


The Bridges Ministry is one of DCC’s local outreach programs. Working with Bridges Outreach of Summit, we staff and supply 4-5 of their “Runs” into Newark, NYC, and Irvington each year. We provide and serve food, clothing, and other needed supplies to the homeless, working poor, and impoverished elderly and disabled, directly on the street. The Ministry also holds a Winter Boot Drive, and makes a small annual donation (if possible) to support Bridges and their invaluable casework function in Newark.

Dec. 24th Run: Our “Bringing Christmas to the Streets” Run into Irvington Civic Center was very successful, serving about 70 people. This was the first time we have done the Irvington Run, and we provided more donation stations than ever before in the Ministry’s history (we had to bring extra tables–thanks Lee Haase!). This was a 3-month CHURCH-WIDE effort that included donations and assembly of items, cash, bagged meals, volunteer time, vehicles, and prayers. Our 11-person Crew distributed: 2 meals each, soup, cocoa, candy canes, fresh fruit, fem hygiene kits, gloves, multiple hand warmers, boots, hats, thermal socks, sleeping bags, rain ponchos, zippered grooming bags, pens, notepads, toys & stuffed animals for children, journals for youths, men and ladies underwear in all sizes, toiletry kits (soap, shampoo, razors, lotion, toothbrush/paste, deodorant) all in sturdy reusable shopping bags. And yes, we wore festive hats (thanks Rev. Kim)!

It was a bit chaotic with all the donations (DCC tends to work FAST to the delight of the Bridges Staff who attempt to supervise us!) but several moments stand out for me. I remember the paraplegic man waiting out in the cold when we got there, wheel-chair bound. I remember an older, shy Indo-Asian man who needed new shoes. I was working out of the Bridges truck, and he was near the end of the line. We came with about a dozen pairs of DCC donated boots and all I had remaining for men was a single size 8. That’s exactly what he asked for and was thrilled. Another memory involved an older gregarious women (it was her birthday so I nicknamed her “Jesus”) who lived in the nearby projects and comes each Sunday for lunches. She told us she had lots of grandchildren. We asked their ages and she got many new Beenie babies and matchbox cars for them for Christmas. While we were packing up, she came back with two of her grandkids, barely 5 years old, to say goodbye. I’m sure the rest of my crew has some memories, too.

I try to mingle with the folks on line as our crew works the tables, and so many were so happy at the Christmas bounty YOU provided. Little things we take for granted brought them such joy. We “did good” DCC!

Next Run: “Comfort for the Cold”: Our next Run will be Wednesday Feb 7 outside Madison Square Garden. This is a quick and smaller Run. You are back to the Church by 9:30PM. This is a mostly homeless population always gracious and happy to see the Bridges Van (we all ride together). Signups begin at Coffee Hour in January.

Annual Boot Drive: Your generosity of cash and used boots has been TREMENDOUS! Bridges was out of boots and the Clothing Center really appreciated it. Indeed they need more! Men’s sizes 10 and up are particularly in need by we accept all sizes of clean, used boots or cash to buy new ones. See our Ministry Table at Coffee Hour.

Supplies We Need: Hand warmers, thermal or wool socks, skull hats (no crochet please), lunches. Cash donations will be used for these and to fill in our existing stocks. PLEASE DO NOT donate other items at this time as we have no storage capacity. Clothing donations can be dropped off the day of the Run ONLY or brought down directly to Bridges in Summit.

Together we are making a difference and providing comfort to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. As Jesus said in Luke 14:13 “…But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind…”

Ted Dengler


THANK YOU all who have donated your time, prayers, items, and treasure for our Winter missions to help the homeless, working poor, and impoverished elderly brothers and sisters in NJ and NYC.


We still need:
  • Deodorant
  • Hand warmers
  • Wool or thermal crew or higher socks
  • Cash donations to purchase the above and purchase underwear and rain ponchos

We will hand out 75 of nearly anything, small or large. Let us know and we will provide feedback.

Drop off a used or new pair of walking/hiking/work boots (no fashion styles please) or a cash donation to purchase them. Thank you again!


BRIDGES MINISTRY NEEDS: As you know, our Ministry that serves the poor and homeless is not funded from Church budget. We are not receiving funds from our Annual Auction this year.

We have immediate needs for the following: ANNUAL BOOT DRIVE: Bridges' supplies are depleted with cold and snow approaching. You can donate a used or new pair of practical, intact work or hiking boots, or donate cash. Every $20 buys a new pair at Wal-Mart (which we will waterproof). Deposit in Statham Hall.

CHRISTMAS EVE RUN: into Irvington! If we have 75 of ANYTHING we will hand it out. Just run your idea by us first. We are also taking DONATIONS or money to purchase: wool socks, underwear, rain ponchos, used or new re-usable shopping bags (not too ornate, please), hand/sock warmers, unisex paperbacks, razors. Deodorant and shave cream are most needed (travel sizes are fine). We do not require, nor have room, for any other toiletry items at this time.

THANK YOU for volunteering, supporting and praying for this Ministry!

Ted & Travis Dengler


Our Bridges Ministry completed our Summer Run on September 6th, to Midtown Manhattan right outside Madison Square Garden/Penn Station. We served a record number of our impoverished brothers and sisters for a Wednesday night (65). We distributed durable bags with meals, socks, underwear, toiletries, storage caddies, and feminine supplies. Thanks to all who served on the street, made meals, donated money and supplies, drove supplies, and prayed for us.

This Run’s story: Joanne and I walked west to the next block to a scaffold covered building I visited last time. Usually when you see scaffolding you can find homeless in the evening, parked underneath, particularly when it rains (which it did that night). I passed by a cardboard box of recycling when Joanne spotted the tip of an old sneaker peaking out underneath. It was a homeless person sleeping. We put a bag of supplies in their “home”. We found others there, too, not wanting to “lose their spot” for the night by walking down the street to the Bridges line. We (including YOU) served an additional 9 thankful folks here, right in the heart of bustling and affluent Midtown Manhattan. Patrick, our Bridges Run Leader, said he would visit this spot going forward on Wednesday Runs.

Our next Bridges Run is Sunday morning, December 24th (Christmas Eve) into Irvington Center. This will be our first time at this location. Sign-ups will begin at Coffee Hour soon. Monetary donations will go to purchase underwear, wool socks, hand warmers, hats, and deodorant and shaving cream. If I have 150 of ANYTHING, we will distribute it that day (that’s the max we can expect and all need to receive).

We are also doing our annual Boot Drive starting immediately. Bridges is out of boots, and DCC always comes through. Imagine walking the slushy wet streets all day with holes in your shoes and exposed ankles? You can donate a used pair of practical boots, or buy a new pair at Walmart for $20. If you want to spray some mink oil or waterproof spray on them you can, but not necessary. Drop off at Statham Hall.

Thank you for donating your time, treasures, talents, and prayers for this Ministry. - Ted & Travis

P.S. Please do not forget the other two groups in our public assistance “trinity of ministries” here at DCC: Community Food Bank of NJ (Gabrielle Carll) and Family Promise (Jean Wilcox). Food Bank volunteers help sort and stock the bank’s donations and load supplies for distribution. Family Promise helps families who are transitioning from homelessness to housing with a meal and company in Morristown. Children can participate in both these Ministries, while Bridges is H.S. and older. I have yet to encounter a Church member who has not enjoyed participating in our trinity of ministries!


BRIDGES RUN Wednesday, September 6th, 5:00-9:30 PM!
Contact Dr. Ted, Travis Dengler or the church office for details.

JUNE 2017

Recently, Ted Dengler received the following from the Bridges Organization:

Hello Dr. Ted,
Bridges would like to honor you at our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 7th. It will truly be our pleasure to honor you for not just the extraordinary Runs you put together, but also for taking the most difficult Runs to fill. I hope you will be able to join us on the 7th so that we may honor you in person. An invitation with details is attached. Feel free to invite colleagues, family and friends.
From 7 to 7:30, we will offer light refreshments and time to mingle with other honorees and guests. At 7:30, we will begin our program which will include a review of the year and then awards will be presented
Best regards,
Lois Bhatt
Bridges Executive Director

Ted's Response:

Hi, Lois! Hope this finds you well.
THANK YOU so much for this invitation and recognition as an Annual Bridges Honoree. Of course I will attend (Veronica my wife will join me). I am so touched by you and the Board's sentiment, and consider it a great honor to be recognized by an organization so dear to my heart for so long.
I would like to note that I am attending on behalf of the congregation of Denville Community Church. While I am the pesky cheerleader / organizer, and the one with the goofy ideas, none our offerings and service could have been executed without the generosity and enthusiasm of my fellow parishioners. I have never come up short on any requests for funds, donations, or volunteers, even when asking the impossible.
The congregation makes my job easy.
Look forward to seeing you on June 7th! - Ted

We would like to extend our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS & THANKS TO TED! Although it is a “Team Effort”, Denville Community Church’s continued support and love for our Street Friends would not be possible without Ted’s dedication and hard work!
Thank you for all that you do to help make our world a better place!

MAY 2017

bridges outreach summit NJ

Our Ministry served about 63 homeless on the streets of MidTown Manhattan on the night of Wednesday, April 19th. Thank you to all those who volunteered your time, food, money, clothing, toiletries, and prayers. We had such a good response from our congregation we actually had to put in reserve some street volunteers, transport drivers, and meal making families! THANK YOU ALL.

We PACKED the Bridges van to capacity and were able to give out more than just lunches and toiletry kits. We also distributed feminine hygiene supplies, crew socks and underwear by various sizes, and the sturdy shopping bags that you all donated (please continue to donate any reusable shopping bags you don't need). We also served the famous Bridges soup and hot chocolate. Members of the congregation dropped off boots, sleeping bags and clothing which we delivered to the Bridges basement sorting facility. Plus they got an experienced and enthusiastic Street Crew for the night. Patrick, the Bridges Volunteer Coordinator, said to me when we arrived at Summit "I love when you guys do a Run." I told him its a congregation-wide effort to make each Run happen with such high quality.


Our next Bridges Runs are scheduled for:

  • Sat Sept 9 2017 - Newark Pru Center (9:00-1:30PM)
  • Sun Dec 24 2017 - Irvington Civic Square (9:30-2PM)
  • Wed Feb 7 2018 - MSG NYC (5-9:30PM)
  • Fri May 25 2018 - NYC (5-10:30 PM)

  • APRIL 2017

    WED APRIL 19: is the date for next Bridges Ministry outreach. We will meet at the Church at 5PM and return home at 9:30. We all ride in the Bridges Van from Summit to Madison Square Gar-den / Penn Station, and serve behind tables. The direct joy and relief you bring to those struggling is worth the trip.

    We need:

  • 5-6 volunteers.
  • 75 sandwiches and bagged meals. In a plastic baggie: turkey and cheese sandwich. In a old plastic bag (grocery bags work great): small water bottle, piece of fruit or fruit cup, and a granola bar or other snack. Please keep the sandwich separate from the bag.
  • A driver to haul supplies down to Summit.

  • Any old but clean/usable sleeping bags and footwear/boots for street life always welcomed. We always are in need of SMALL shaving cream, deodorants, toothpaste, and razors, too!

    Signups will be at Coffee Hour for the next 3 Sundays - April 2nd, 9th, &16th. Come join us! Those who go find it extremely rewarding.

    JANUARY 2017

    Happy New Year from the DCC Bridges Ministry!

    I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. The Holidays are not a joyous time for everyone. Most served by our ministry are alone in the world. Some suffer mental illness. Some became addicted to the vices in our culture (drugs, alcohol, gambling). Others have lost their jobs and have no familial “launch pad” to get back on their feet. Some we serve are disabled or elderly. For these “just go get a job” is not an option yet – or ever. Our country does not provide an adequate level of support and assistance like other developed nations. That’s where charities like Bridges, Inc. comes in through their outreach centers and “runs.” It is challenging to “teach someone to fish” when they are cold or hungry. Some we serve do work, or live on social security. Do I pay for food, rent, or utilities this month? That is where DCC helps Bridges.

    In that spirit I want to let you know that the kindness and generosity of your time, donations, and prayers in December made a difference in people’s lives that will carry through this winter. We started the month with a generous endowment of $3,000 from our Annual Auction, followed by other donations. We made two trips to Walmart and bought 50 pairs of boots. Bridges’ stock was depleted, so we drove them down to be handed out as needed this winter. We also presented Bridges with a check for $1000. We then purchased for the Christmas Eve Newark Run 250 pairs of assorted size underwear on EBay, 600 pairs of hand warmers on Amazon, 150 pairs of heavy wool blend socks at Costco, a few toys, and some storage containers to keep things dry and manageable.

    Your involvement was essential for our Run. A dozen families made bagged meals. Our Youth Group bagged, labeled, and sorted all the underwear into 7 bins. Our Coffee Hour congregation unpacked and rolled socks and assembled toiletry kits. Pastor Ed’s sister crocheted hats and scarves, and we combined this with a generous donation of blankets from Dick and Mary Beth Young and anonymous others. We also brought along donations of boots, clothing, sleeping bags, toys, and reusable shopping bags.

    A note on Dick and Mary Beth. When they heard the night before the Run that we would not have enough reusable shopping bags to hand out to everyone (I hold back an item until I reach 150) they ran out to Shopright and filled in the remaining quota. This was invaluable because of all the product we handed out on Christmas Eve. I remember helping an older disabled man easily strap the shopping bag to his wheelchair’s headrest.

    bridges outreach nj december2016

    Our Christmas Eve “cold and wet” crew consisted of 4 supply drivers and 10 on the street. We have never packed so much stuff in the Bridges Van! Our brothers and sisters were elated to receive multiple meals, as many restaurants (surplus donations) and food pantries are closed on Christmas weekend and Monday. Everyone also received up to 8 pairs of hand warmers, multiple pairs of socks and underwear, toiletry kits, blankets or hats, soup, hot cocoa, oranges, fem hygiene kits, and a sturdy bag to carry it all. Jen Bridi overheard an older couple comment to each other “look at all the stuff we can bring home to the kids!” Any remaining socks, blankets, and hand warmers were donated to Bridges for January distribution.

    Our next Run is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29 into NYC. Any monetary donations will be used to purchase crew socks, additional underwear, and toiletry items. Goods donations currently accepted include: travel size deodorant, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and lotions or shave cream (please no soap or shampoo). For all other goods donations please seek out our Second Sunday or Interfaith Homeless ministries or other community outreach groups, until we get closer to the Run.

    May God bless you all for your time, donations, and prayers.

    Ted & Travis