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Out of this desire to share, Glenn "Tex" Evans became concerned with the people of Appalachia. As a United Methodist minister serving people through the Henderson Settlement in eastern Kentucky, Tex understood the needs of the people throughout the area. As the needs became apparent to Tex, so did the willingness of youth groups anxious to serve others. Tex was able to bring together both the needs and this desire to serve when he joined the staff of the Board of Discipleship, Section on Evangelism, of the United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. ASP then became a reality through the committment of church youth and their counselors to minister to others.

Since 1976, ASP has been an independent, non-profit corporation. ASP continues a close relation with the United Methodist Church, however, continues to welcome participation from any denomination.

Denville Community Church has been working with ASP since 1992. Hundreds of our own church family served and has been richly blessed in service to others. Come join us and learn first hand the meaning of "service to others."

How Can I Help?

The ASP Team is grateful for all the support received from our extended church family. It is your participation in their efforts to raise money that supports your team and makes their ministry possible.
You can continue your support by: 

* Supporting the ASP General Fund through a tithe or offering.
* Support our ASP's fundraising efforts.
* Contact local hardware stores or building suppliers to arrange for donations of building materials and supplies.
* Identify foundations and corporations that ASP might contact for support.
* Donate any surplus lumber you may have available.

For further information on how you can help, please contact
the Denville Community Church office.