Denville Community Church has an amazing history, which began with a Methodist preacher riding on horseback through the area in 1785. Our history books don’t contain the names of those present for the first worship service, but it began as a ‘house church’, meeting in the home of Mr. Jacob Demouth in Powerville.

The Methodists remained actively engaged in worship and Bible study and in 1799 built a meeting house and named it the Methodist Episcopal Church in Rockaway Valley. Not too many years later, another building was erected on what is now just to the left of the first fairway of the Rockaway River Country Club. (It is out of bounds, by the way!)

Over the years that Denville Community Church (DCC) has grown and served the people of Morris County, many exciting forms of ministry and mission have emerged! For the past two decades, many have served as part the Appalachian Service Project, rehabilitating houses so that they are “warmer, safer, and dryer”. For over 80 years, DCC has been a home for the Boy Scouts of America, and has produced nearly 100 Eagle Scouts. We support “Second Sunday Dinners” which ministers with the poorest residents of the area. We have a quilters group that has sewn nearly 1500 quilts and given them away. We intentionally offer Bible study and fellowship groups to enrich our spiritual lives. We have traditional and contemporary worship and offer a wide variety of ways to be engaged in our music ministries. For the next several years we will be teaming up with thousands of people who will be helping rebuild the Jersey Shore!

But best of all, we have a place waiting for you! Whether you are curious and seeking, or settled in to a spiritual life that is fulfilling to you, we hope you will stop in, join in our current experiments to form Christian community, and participate in building the Kingdom of God.