April 2019

Throughout the year after any pastoral transition, the question lingers, “How will church life change?” My hope and prayer this year is that while you have been able to recognize differences between my pastoral leadership and that of my predecessors, the majority of the meaningful aspects of worship, along with community-building and service opportunities, have remained consistent.

Please invite your family and friends to worship this month. We have twelve unique worship services planned before Christmas Day: Sunday mornings in the sanctuary; Sunday evenings out in the community; a Quiet Christmas Service of Remembrance and Hope; and Christmas Eve Services at 4pm, 7pm and 11pm.

This year during Holy Week, children will help us celebrate Palm Sunday, the choir will present a beautiful cantata, Jesus’ final meal will come alive with a Maundy Thursday drama and Good Friday will be remembered with the Christian Drama School’s Cross Carry in the afternoon and a music filled Stations of the Cross in the evening.

On Easter, we are planning to continue this church’s tradition of gathering at 6:30am to celebrate with the Sunrise Service. Later in the morning worship will include the choir, hand bell choir and brass players at the 9:30 and 11:30am as we continue the joyous celebration that Christ is Risen!

The unexpected will come on April 28th when I share with you the medieval Christian tradition of celebrating Easter with “Holy Hilarity Sunday”. This will be a time when we remember the surprise and joy of the resurrection. When something catches us off guard, we often laugh so this will be a day of laughter in the most sacred sense of the word.

As we begin our tenth month together, I remain grateful for the opportunity to join you in ministry, putting God’s love into action with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.