From the heart, soul and mind of Pastor Ed

As the seasons turn...

May 2017

Spring is in full swing… the dogwoods are just bursting out in bloom… the daffodils are standing tall toward the sun… the goldfinches have returned… and a little after 5 am, the birds begin to sing in the treetops. “All nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres”, so go the words to one of the verses of “This is my Father’s World”.

Not more than a few hours after Gabriele placed a colorful Easter wreath on the front door, a pair of beautiful house wrens decided to build a nest in it. It’s a perfect spot, out of the rain, no direct sunlight to overheat it, and within a day or two there were eggs laid… and mother wren is keeping watch. It has been a source of excitement, and one of life’s little gifts to us, as we await the hatching of the tiny blue eggs and the chirpy new life within them!

The season of Eastertide is upon us, that time we set aside to consider the pull and tug of the Resurrection in our lives. All of nature responds… migrating birds and fish become active; the hawks, osprey and eagles begin to soar overhead; the deer and bear become active after the winter months, and get ready to give birth, the water warms in response to the longer days and shorter nights. After the dormant winter, the season turns and spring is all around us!

All of this can easily go unnoticed, depending on what is happening within and around you! Eastertide is like that, too! Our celebration of the Resurrection often goes unnoticed by many, too… especially if there is no connection between what others see as we live out our belief in the Risen Christ and our witness/behavior toward those to whom he came to bring life in its fullest.

As spring continues to make way for the coming summer months, I invite you to take some extra time to notice Resurrection in your relationships! Simply paying attention to the little things can be quite powerful, and expose the beauty and wonder within the people God places around you every day! As Easter Good News reminds us, Christ died and was risen for everyone, showing no partiality or favorites… and offers this new life to everyone! It’s God’s immense and awe-inspiring Easter promise… and antici-pating the beauty that God’s promising love unfolding, or hatching right in front of you, or being born anew, is energizing!

In the month of May there is a lot to energize us in the worship life of our faith-community! We will celebrate Confirmation on the 7th, Mother’s Day on the 14th – with our Annual Tools and Blankets Offering in Honor/Memory of loved ones on the 14th, then a special service of Baptism and reception of new members on the 21st … all leading up to Memorial Day weekend!

The energy and activity supporting our ASP Summer Mission Trip is building, several exciting landscaping projects around the church property are under construction, our Solar Panel project atop the Education wing will be activated this month and begin generating energy for the power grid!

I invite you to pay a little more attention to the little things! Just like our busy nest of wrens on the front door, there are things going on all around us, all the time, that can serve as reminders of the new, regenerated, reborn, resurrected life that is God’s intention for each of us !

Happy Eastertide… Happy Spring… Enjoy the life that is unfolding right before your eyes… Pastor Ed