ASP 2017 - LOVE IN ACTION : 1 JOHN 3:18

Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.


Our meeting in the month of December will be held on Sunday, December 3rd following worship in the Pre-K classroom!

ASP will be hosting and Ice Cream social following this year’s Christmas Pageant! Please join us to build your own Sunday, as many toppings as you’d like, for only $5!!!


althea Support Your ASP Team On November 11th at 7:30PM at Drew University Concert Hall, DCC ASP will present a concert by Alathea. They are an acoustic, Americana-folk, singer-songwriter, harmony-driven female duo from the mountains of Tennessee. Alathea is the winner of numerous acoustic music and songwriting awards—including the 2011 “We Are Listening Int’l Singer/Songwriter” competition and “Best Group/Duo.” The tickets are $25.00 each and $29.00 at the door. Contact Lee Haase for tickets 973-207-5404. We will also be selling tickets Sunday November 5th at DCC during Coffee Fellowship. This will be a great way to show your support for the DCC ASP Team.

West Virginia bound! - 2018

The Denville Community Church ASP Team is proud to announce that we will be serving in West Virginia this upcoming summer! Our next meeting will be Sunday, November 5th following worship in the PreK Classroom. Please stop by our concessions stand during the Auction for some yummy chili, a hot door or a small snack! ASP will also be hosting an Ice Cream Social following the Christmas Pageant on December 16th! $5 will allow you to build a Sunday of your choice! Thank you for your continued support!!!


ASP 2018 to start soon…

Some big changes coming in 2018 as Doug Gabel passes the torch after over 15 years of leadership! Kim Graceffo, James Graceffo and Janice McCrostie will be taking over the reins in 2018! We look forward to a smooth transition and another amazing year of service and fellowship!

Mark your calendars, our first meeting of the year will be held on October 1st following worship! We have a lot to discuss... including our many fundraisers throughout the year! We will also confirm the week of service and service location at that meeting. It is anticipated that the size of the 2018 team will remain the same as it was in 2017. This will require the same challenge as we had this year, that of raising $15,000-$16,000 dollars in order to cover the costs of van rentals, insurance, gas, meals, t-shirts, supplies, etc… We thank everyone who contributed to the 2017 team and we hope we can count on your support again for 2018.

All interested participants are encouraged to stop by the ASP table at Rally Day on September 10th. Registration Forms and Information brochures will be available.

JULY 2017

As you read this the ASP Team is headed to or serving in Breathitt County, Kentucky for our 26th year of participating with ASP . The mountains are calling us again to serve in the backwoods of Kentucky as we live out this year’s theme, Love in Action based on 1 John 3:18. We have served at year round ASP centers the past two years but this year we will be in a site center. This means no cots, just air mattresses, no indoor showers, only a make-shift 6 bay , black plastic enclosed shower setup and limited hot water. We have been spoiled the past two years.

We will all depart 7am July 1st and return on Sunday, July 9th. We have 3 newcomers this year and 42 returning volunteers. Our 6 teams will be visiting work sites and helping families making their homes warmer, safer, drier. If manual labor was the only thing we would be doing, ASP would have died out years ago. When we travel to assist Appalachian families we will be welcomed into their homes, spend time getting to know each other, share stories and break bread together. The relationships we build and the memories we create is what brings many of us back year after year. We will also be sharing the center with two other churches and one of those churches is traveling from California to serve. Our 700 mile trip is nothing compared to the 2000 miles they will travel to serve.

We want to thank everyone who supported the team throughout our 9 months of fundraising. It is by your generosity that the team is able to organize and fund a trip to Appalachia. We will look forward to serving and in the Summer edition of Glad Tidings we will be sharing our teams’ stories. Please be sure to be in church on Sunday, July 9th to help welcome the team home from its week of service and hear about our fantastic week. God bless.

JUNE 2017 - Preparing to put Love in Action

In less than a month the 2017 ASP Team will depart for Breathitt County, Kentucky. This experience and opportunity has been made possible by the love and support from you and friends of ASP. We appreciate your participation with all our fundraising events. There will be one final opportunity to support the team; we will have our ASP Giving Tree on display and available throughout June. Stop by and see either Maddie or Marissa to see how you can help provide gas, supplies, ice cream and other needed items for our trip. This year, visiting Breathitt County, we will be serving in a community where 33% of the families live in poverty. Deciding how to leverage limited income; taxes, insurance, food, medicine, clothing, repairs, etc… is a daily challenge. We are looking forward to assisting a number of families with much needed repairs on their homes. As we have explored this year’s theme of Love in Action, we look to be the hands and heart of Christ to the families of Appalachia.

We will look to serve in the words of ASP founder Glenn “Tex” Evans; “We accept people right where they are, just the way they are.” The ASP experience is special for each participant and as we go about our work for the week, we will build new relationships, make new friends, and make a few homes warmer, safer, drier. Please keep the team in your prayers as we make finals preparations. We will be commissioned on Sunday, June 25th and we will depart for Kentucky on July 1st.

MAY 2017

In just 60 days the ASP Team will be travel-ing to Breathitt County in Kentucky to once again serve families in Appalachia making homes warmer, safer, drier. We would like to thank everyone who participated with our March Calendar Collections and Fon-tanarosa ‘s Pasta fundraisers. We additionally appreciate all those individuals who so generously gave gifts In Memory and In Honor of loved ones at Easter.

As we prepare to serve we will learn more about the area we will be visiting, en-hance our communication skills, and learn about the construction tools we will use. ASP is a wonderful experience that will allow participants to physically and spiritual-ly put their Love in Action. Our bible verse for this year is 1 John 3:18. We will not only serve our Lord by our words and speech but we will, in just 60 short days, serve our Lord by our actions. It is an honor and joy to serve and we as a team take a portion of each person who contributes and offers us support with us. Know that your thoughts and love will travel with us as we get to know our Appalachian families and go about our tasks to help them. If you wish to receive two or three updates and photos from the team during our trip, be sure to leave your e-mail address with us during June when we have our Giving Tree displayed.

APRIL 2017

Our ASP team would like to thank all those who supported our Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper and Big Apple Dixieland Band Concert. It was a tremendous success again this year and there were lots of smiles and tapping feet throughout the evening. Thanks also to all those who purchased soup. The ASP Team made 120 quarts of soup and Sold Out. We hope you have fun too with our March Collections Calendar. Please turn in your collections to any ASP team member or the church office by Sunday, April 9th. While our fundraising continues with our Casa Bella Dinner on Monday, April 3rd, Car Washes in April, May and June, Fontonarosa’s Pasta sale this spring and our Giving Tree in June, we are focusing now on preparations of exploring more deeply this year’s theme, “Love in Action” based on 1 John 3:18. We will additionally be looking to complete a construction project around the church, exercise our communication skills and have some fun as we host our own version of “Tool Time.”

ASP is a wonderful opportunity to put our love of God and love for our brothers and sisters in Appalachia into action. ASP is much more than a home repair program –it’s a relationship ministry with a little home repair on the side. Our volunteer team members set aside their needs and desires for 9 days and freely offers their talents to assist the people of Appalachia with sensitivity and love. Yes, we help make homes “warmer. safer. drier.” but each and every participant takes on the mantel of being a servant and is richly blessed. Serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is why we go and become the hands and feet of Christ.

MARCH 2017

The ASP team is now in full gear! With the Super Bowl Sub and Salad sale and Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper behind us, we are looking forward to Homemade Soup Distribution and Sale on March 5th and looking for everyone to count down the days of March with the ASP Collections Calendar, included in this issue of Glad Tidings. Created by Johnny Crouch and Ryan Karpack, this calendar is a fun way to navigate through the last days of Winter. It can also be a great teaching aid for young children. At the end of the 5 month, please turn in your collections to any ASP Team member or into the Church Office. Have fun with it. We appreciate everyone who continues to support the ASP Team in so many ways. You truly do make our Outreach experience possible. The team of 49 will be traveling to Breathitt County in Kentucky this year. They continue to explore this year’s theme of Love in Action based on 1 John 3:18. We are looking forward to being the hands, heart and feet of Christ as we con-tinue our preparations for our trip planned for July 1st to July 9th.

February 2017

Greetings friends of DCC’s Appalachia Service Project Team. The team is busy planning some wonderful opportunities for church members and friends. In January we took Super Bowl sub and salad orders and you can pick up your order after church on Sunday February 5th. Thank you for your support and we hope your team wins. We once again will be taking orders for the ASP Soup Sale which will be available for pick up on March 5th. Soup that will be made this year is; Chicken Bow Tie, Potato Leek, Butternut Squash, French Onion and Stuffed Pepper Soup. Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday / Shrove Tuesday will be the backdrop again for our Pancake Supper and Dixieland Jazz Band event to be held on February 28th. Tickets will be on sale during February after worship in Coffee Hour. Get your tickets before we sell out. Carver’s will be providing the pancakes again this year. Again, check out the flyer in this newsletter or Sunday’s bulletin for details. Finally, in March we will have for families to enjoy our Collections Calendar. Created by Johnny Crouch and Ryan Karpack, they will build fun tasks, interesting situations and engaging challenges. This Calendar is a great family activity and counting aid for young children. Watch for it at the end of February. Make the most of this short month!


With the new year brings a new challenge for the ASP team, preparing ourselves for another year of service and preparing our hearts to radiate this year’s theme, LOVE IN ACTION, based on 1 John 3:18.

The ASP Team would once again like to thank the Auction Committee for their generous sup-port with their gift of $4,500 from the proceeds of the Auction. Additionally, we would like to thank all those church members who memorialized or honored someone with a gift in lieu of flowers at Christmas time. Your support means the world to us.

During January, the ASP Team will help you prepare for the Super Bowl by taking orders for Subs and Salads. Watch the bulletin for details. During February we will be taking orders for Homemade Soups to warm you through the Winter months as well as hosting another fabu-lous Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Dixieland Jazz Band and Pancake Supper celebration. In March we will have a new and exciting “Collections Calendar” for you to do as a family that will be fun and insightful. In April we will be selling Fontonarosa’s Pasta and Ravioli and with us thawing into Spring, we will wash away all the road salt by hosting our first Car Wash. While raising funds is important, we will also be focused on exploring our theme, Love In Action, learning about sensitivity and learning some construction skills.

As we prepare for our 26th year of service with ASP, we recognize the sincere commitment so many have made over the years and we lift up all who support the team or have been part of a team, serving as hands and feet for Christ to the people of Appalachia. Let this new year bring prosperity, promise and peace to you, your family, and our community.

Your ASP Team